Stages of Construction

There are various stages to each Cleary Project. Here is a bit about what you can expect during each:

The first phase of construction can be messy and very disruptive to your family's routine. The Cleary Company takes extra special care during the demo phase of your project. The Project manager and Lead Carpenter assigned to your project coordinates all of the details for protecting for your home. First on the list is ordering the dumpster. Frog Hauling is eco-friendly and our goto choice for debris removal. Another important step of protection from construction dust and debris is containment. We use Visqueen plastic & zip walls and most importantly our BuildClean dust control system. Our Team will also carefully remove all appliances, cabinets, fixtures etc. that can be reused and donate them on behalf of our clients to Habitat for Humanity’s ReStore. This not only keeps these items out of the landfill, but gives our clients a receipt for taking the value as a deduction on their taxes. We also save any metal for recycling.
Framing is the "skeleton" or "bones" of your project. Framing materials are usually wood, engineered wood, or structural steel. Framing lumber should be grade-stamped, and have a moisture content not exceeding 19%. Whether we are building a new home, an addition to an existing home or just reorganizing the layout of your home's floor plan, The Cleary Company only uses the highest quality construction materials and practices.
It’s important to know what's behind the walls and under the floors. Our Production Team takes photos during each phase of your project. Especially important are the plumbing, electrical and insulation behind the walls; the stuff you won't see when your project is complete. We keep these important photos on file should they be needed for any future work. The Cleary Company will do our best to keep you informed of your project along the way. Our clients can see daily logs with our APP. Your Project Manager and Lead Carpenter use BuilderTrend daily logs to record progress, share photos and post schedules.
Drywall is probably the most frustrating stage of construction for most homeowners, especially if they are living in the home during their remodel. Not only is it one of the messiest due to the multiple steps of mudding and sanding, but it can also feel like there's no end to their project. In addition to using, Visqueen plastic sheeting and "Big Red" aka our BuildClean air filtration system to minimize the dust penetrating your home, Our Team will regularly check your HVAC air filter and change or clean them as necessary. To reassure our clients that their project is on track, Our Team makes several attempts to emphasize all that has been accomplished and review the remaining phases left on the production schedule.
No matter what your preferred flooring type is for your next home remodel project; new or refinished hardwood, engineered wood, carpet, LV plank or sheet, tile, bamboo, or cork, Our Designers have the resources to specify the best flooring type to fit your budget and your family’s lifestyle and needs. Our expert flooring trades and carpenters can even blend-in new wood with your existing wood. By using custom stains and professional techniques they can finish the for a whole new look.
Whether you choose custom Amish built cabinets or production cabinets for your kitchen, bathroom, or home office remodel project, Our Lead Carpenters will install your new cabinets and expertly finish them with the specified trim. Personalized storage options, custom details and expert carpentry create a uniquely finished product.
Tile is so versatile with almost endless options available of designs, sizes, shapes and colors that Our Designers routinely recommend and specify for our clients’ remodeling projects. Tile is not only an affordable option for adding visual interest to your home remodel but it's also environmentally friendly, easy to maintain and can add increase your home’s value. No matter what type (ceramic, porcelain, stone, etc.) or where it's installed (floors, walls, showers, countertops, etc.) tile adds color, texture and durability to your project. Our Production Team schedules only the most professional detail oriented craftsman in the tile trade to install for our clients.
Painting can easily be a huge portion of almost any remodeling budget and is usually the first thing clients want to cut when trying to save money in their budgets. However, in our experience, this can often be a big mistake! Most homeowners do not realize the many tediously detailed steps needed for a true professional paint job. Many steps of preparation are needed before any color is applied. Our Production Team hires only the most professional and detail oriented painters in the business ensuring our clients have a nearly flawless finished product worthy of our expert design and craftsmanship.
The jewelry or showpiece of almost every project is of course the products you’ll see and use daily. Finishing touches and details are very important to our designs and our client’s expectations. Plumbing and Lighting fixtures are best purchased from reputable plumbing and lighting showrooms. Our Team specifies and installs products that will meet your needs and lifestyle.
Curb Appeal! The Exterior of your home (doors, siding and windows) is the 1st impression visitors have of your home. Our Production Team gives just as much time and attention to your home's exterior as they do the interior. They schedule and manage multiple trades on the jobsite ensuring your remodel stays on time and on budget. Whether you need a one window replaced or all of your windows replaced or even new siding or a roof installed we have the resources and connections of many trades and suppliers in the industry to give our clients the best products on the market for efficiency and longevity.
The Cleary Company will treat your home as if it is our own. We not only clean up the work space at the end of each work day but we hire a cleaning crew to scrub and shine the newly remodeled areas.
The end is finally in sight! When construction and final clean up are completed your Project Manager will walk through your newly remodeled space and review every detail of your project. A "Punch List" final misc details is created to ensure a complete job. Our goal is to meet and exceed the expectations of our clients. In addition Our Team meets to review each project completed in detail and our General Manager signs off on each project before your final bill is generated.