Production Manager

Leo joined our Team in the spring of 2019 with over 13 years experience in construction management. She moved all the way from the Bahamas to lead our Production Department! Her unique skill set, gained from her degree in Architecture and her experience managing large multi-million-dollar commercial projects, is perfectly suited for her duties as Production Manager. She has a keen sense of forecasting labor needs to keep workloads balanced for more efficient project scheduling. Although the transition to residential remodeling from commercial development was a bit of a mind shift, Leo took to it like a fish to water.

Leo is originally from Mexico and her native language is, of course, Spanish, which has been a huge asset due to her ability to effortlessly communicate with many of our Hispanic Trade Partners; keeping a prepared and solid workforce readily available. When moving herself and her black lab, Prada, from the Bahamas to Ohio, her biggest concern was making sure she remembered to drive on the right side of the road, and not turn the wrong way at the roundabouts!