Remodeling Planning 101

The Cleary Company Remodel Design Build Columbus OH knows that beginning a home remodeling project might sound overwhelming, but when you work with the right company it should be a TEAM effort! We aim to take the uncertainty out of your home renovation. With our experience and expertise, we can help make any project seem less daunting. We have developed some home remodeling tips to help guide and prepare you through the remodeling process.

So where do you start?

  • Hire a professional remodeler – Certifications and memberships in local & national trade organizations show that a remodeler invests in continuing education and earns positive customer references. When hiring a professional, it is most important to find a remodeler you can trust and are comfortable communicating with.
  • Visit a job site – The best remodelers maintain clean & organized work sites and welcome your visit.
  • Remember the big picture – Be honest and up front with your desires and expectations. A good home remodeling company’s goal is to design and produce a product that goes beyond the client’s expectations. They can only accomplish this with your input. 

Proper Planning

Proper planning can help keep your home remodel project on schedule and on budget. The Cleary Company has a thorough Design Process to guide you through each step and decision.

First, we start by identifying what it is you want to accomplish- Do you want to add more space? Or do you simply want to change the existing space to create the layout you desire. We will help you decide whether it makes more sense to reuse existing space or build an addition to meet your needs. We will tell you whether your house can structurally support an addition or the other changes you have in mind. Let’s explore all your options!

Second, we help you establish your remodeling budget. Discuss what you’re comfortable investing in your home and our Team will help you develop your construction budget. Through our estimating and design phase our Project Developers and Designers can help determine if what you want is in line with the amount of money you want to invest. Our design drawings are done to scale and will be used to determine accurate material and labor estimates to help establish a realistic construction budget. If necessary, designs and material selections can be changed to fit the budget.


Before you sign a construction contract with The Cleary Company we need to prepare the preliminary designs. Our Team will measure your existing residence, research local building and zoning requirements, and prepare floor plans and elevations. Typically, this phase requires several meetings with you to modify the designs to set your dreams on paper. The goal is to create a functional design that meets your needs and that enhances the look and style of your home.

After designs and materials are finalized, you’ll need to allow time for your project’s construction drawings to be prepared. Construction drawings are technical drawings that include calculations and specific details necessary to acquire building permits. The drawings typically; consist of a site plan, floor plan, foundation plan, elevations, sections, material selections and general notes to provide clear communication for a successful project. In most cases, plumbing, mechanical, and electrical symbols will also appear on the floor plan.

Home Stretch

Although the details of your remodeling project will be unique to you and your home, there will be several phases from demo to completion you can expect; demolition, mechanicals, inspections followed by a time when the basics, from walls to wiring, are rebuilt or upgraded as needed and then more inspections. The home stretch begins with the installations of cabinets, appliances, etc. and finally paint, hardware, and other finishing touches will be put in place.

We hope you choose to experience your next remodeling project the way it should be done RIGHT, by The Cleary Company. Contact us today to get started!