Pete Mossman appreciates the career direction and opportunity offered at The Cleary Company Remodel Design Build in Columbus, Ohio. In 2017 he was hired on in the role of a carpenter to coordinate our Warranty program. Since then he’s been promoted to Lead Carpenter and again as bathroom remodeling Project Manager.

We asked him to share his background and experiences working with our Remodel-Design-Build Team. Do you see a bit of yourself in his answers? Are you ready to work for the best remodeling company in central Ohio? 

Why did you choose a career in remodeling?

When I was a senior in high school, I went on a mission trip to New Orleans to help rebuild the community after Hurricane Katrina. I liked it and the experience. I found an entry-level craftsman job right out of college remodeling on kitchens and baths and a few years later I was hired by The Cleary Company.

When you first joined The Cleary Company, what were your roles and responsibilities?

I started as a Warranty Specialist. It was not my dream job but my ultimate goal was a long-term career with The Cleary Company and I knew it was my chance to get my foot in the door. After a year or so I moved onto the bath remodeling Production Team as a carpenter and now I am a Project Manager. I’ve had a great deal of opportunity for growth in the last 4 1/2 years!

The warranty specialist role taught me what was important to clients since I went back to their homes 1 and 2 years after the projects were completed. This was a good opportunity to learn about the clients’ experience with The Cleary Company. As a carpenter, I was in a supportive role on bathroom projects and able to see what was need to grow into a management position. I learned from my peers how to effectively manage a bathroom project.

How has The Cleary Company supported your growth, both personally and professionally?

Professionally, they are so supportive of my career as a carpenter and craftsman. We want to be good at what we do. They encourage us to take pride in that. Also, personally – I enjoy that part of myself ­– being a craftsman and being able to fix things and make things. They encourage us to be individuals and take pride in our work.

What challenges did you face in other positions that made you want to come to work for The Cleary Company?

In this industry, before I worked here, one of the biggest challenges I faced was the lack of direction. There is a big gap between being a “helper” and being a project manager and not knowing how to move up to different opportunities in your career. But with The Cleary Company, I have not lacked direction. They give me vision and encourage me to be around and work with others to learn. They’ve given me direction to give me an idea of what I needed to know and do before I became a carpenter and project manager.

What do you believe is the hidden gem to working for The Cleary Company?

Their pride in the whole field of remodeling. Other remodelers can make beautiful projects, but The Cleary Company really wants to make it a great experience, giving the clients all they’ve really wanted and even more! A relationship that is more than a “nice” project. This is what sets us apart.

Just for Fun!

What is your funniest moment while working at The Cleary Company?

There are so many stories. But several years ago, we had a team day at Mohican Adventures, where we just spent the day together having fun. We spent most of the time riding the go-carts. Then we learned there was a faster go-cart course we could use. While we all know you aren’t supposed to bump into each other or anything, well…you know how that goes! It was great fun!

What do you enjoy the most about working for The Cleary Company?

It is the encouragement to master our job and our trade. They are always giving us opportunities to evolve and get better at what we do, whether it’s tile setting, cabinet setting, or whatever our job is. We create beautiful projects.

I get to remodel a bathroom from beginning to end. I meet the client, take the first piece of old drywall off the wall and finish it by showing the clients how everything works in the new bathroom. Ownership of a project from beginning to end is very rewarding.

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