He’s back!

After a brief departure in 2019, Luis Martinez returned to The Cleary Company after missing the collaboration and culture of our Team. Luis is a Project Consultant on our Design-Build Team at The Cleary Company in Columbus Ohio. His infectious personality and desire to help others are a true testament to his character. We asked him to share his background and experiences. Do you see a bit of yourself in his answers? Are you ready to work for the best remodeling company in central Ohio? 

As a Project Consultant, Luis spends his workdays drafting and estimating. He works closely with our Project Developers and Designers collaborating to get take-offs, as-built drawings, creating bid packets for trade partners, as well as producing construction documents and securing permits for his assigned projects.

How long have you worked in the remodeling & construction industry?

Professionally about 5 years but before that when I was a teenager I started working with my dad on his construction sites through high school and college. In 2016 I earned an Associates degree in Architecture from Columbus State Community College. My drafting background is primarily in industrial engineering but I’ve been fortunate to have the opportunity to work with my dad in his construction business as well.

How has The Cleary Company supported your growth, both personally and professionally?

In a lot of ways, The Cleary Company has helped me grow a great deal. They not only provide opportunities for the development of my career but also personally. The challenges we face here on a daily basis are great for learning to navigate problems and develop solutions. There is always support if you can’t figure it out, somebody in the company is always willing to help. We’re a team that thrives on collaboration!

Personally, I’m inspired to apply what I’ve learned to my daily life and apply what I’ve learned at work to situations with my family and friends.

What do you enjoy the most about working for The Cleary Company?

I love how I work with a Team and we all get to see a project transform, like a time-lapse. We take ownership of every project as a team. We work hard but we also have a lot of fun!

What challenges did you face in other positions that made you want to come to work for The Cleary Company?

At some other large companies where I’ve worked, it can be hard to find someone to talk to about an issue with a certain part of a project, or just something personal, and get a solution without feeling like I’m alone. I had to schedule a meeting just to talk about what I needed. But here at The Cleary Company, if you have an issue or just need to talk, you’ll get an answer or time with a colleague or manager within minutes.

What do you believe is the hidden gem to working for The Cleary Company?

The Cleary Company doesn’t aspire to be huge, just the best. They value creating relationships. As the saying goes, “You don’t work a day of your life if you love what you do!” Sometimes there are struggles at jobs and we have to say some tough things. But at the end of the day, we’re all really happy to be working together and strive to inspire each other to be better everyday.

Just for Fun!

What is your favorite part of your job?

I love visiting a client’s home and imagine myself in their situations and then collaborating with our Team to come to create a good plan to help them love their home again. I also really love meeting our clients’ dogs!

What is your funniest moment while working for The Cleary Company?

On a Team Day, I wasn’t back with the company yet, but George called to see if I could drive the van from the lake and bring people back to the office. On the way back, everyone was having fun and cranking the music. It made me want to be back and part of the team.

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