How Much Does a Home Addition Cost?

A new home addition is different from a remodel of an existing room in a home. Columbus, OH home additions typically add new square footage and require everything from the floor up. This includes the foundation, walls, ceiling and roof as well as mechanical systems like electrical, plumbing and heating. Because you are adding something instead of changing a space that already exists, costs can vary greatly. Calculating the cost of a home addition requires knowing first the design, scope and size of the project and the type of room you’ll be adding. Will new utilities be required? Maybe not for a sunroom but definitely for a new bathroom. There are also many other variables, including permits, trade prices and material costs.

Our Team has created the following project profiles to help you begin the discussion for your next home addition project. We also recommend reviewing Remodeling Magazine’s Cost vs Value report for more information on building and remodeling costs in Columbus OH.

3 Projects – 3 Budgets – 3 Scopes

Upscale – Single or 2 story addition + whole house remodelAddition Upper Arlington whole house remodel with 2 story addition The Cleary Company Remodel Design Build Columbus OH

Estimated Price Range: $150k – $500k+  (Project Photo $250k-$450k)

Possible Scope of Work & Finishes:

  • increase sq ft of home by building outside current footprint
  • exterior updates including new windows and/or siding
  • rework existing interior footprint
  • move and/or add plumbing & hvac
  • upgrade existing lighting and electric
  • greatest number of choices for finishes & materials
  • quartz countertops, custom tile backsplash
  • lots of custom cabinetry
  • large island w/seating & storage
  • Heated tile flooring and/or exotic hardwood floors

MID-RANGE Opt 1 – Bump Out, build a small add on to existing room

Addition home Upper Arlington Ohio bar seating and sink

Estimated Price Range: $100k – $250k  (Project Photo $120k-$199k)

Possible Scope of Work & Finishes:

  • enlarge existing room by removing walls & building new
  • reorganize existing layout for greater efficiency
  • move and/or add plumbing & hvac
  • professional level of fixtures & finishes
  • new lighting & electrical
  • basic level granite w/flamed or leathered finish
  • custom cabinetry w/variety of choices
  • refinish existing or install new flooring– hardwood or tile

MID-RANGE Opt 2 – Build a new room within existing footprint of home

Estimated Price Range: $55k – $100k  (Project Photo $62k-$75k)

Possible Scope of Work & Finishes:

  • repurpose existing space with in home’s current footprint; example– basement, attic, spare bedroom
  • install new plumbing & hvac
  • professional level fixtures & finishes
  • basic electrical lighting 2-3 fixtures
  • simple semi-custom painted or stained cabinetry
  • limited countertop choices- level 1 granite or quartz or HD laminate
  • paint only remodeled space

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