Join us in congratulating Dan Irwin! He has earned his Certified Lead Carpenter (CLC) accreditation from the National Association of the Remodeling Industry (NARI). Dan began his career with The Cleary Company Remodel-Design-Build in Columbus, Ohio in 2018 as a Lead Carpenter on our bathroom Production Team. Now a Project Manager leading a team of Lead Carpenters, Dan is responsible for managing the schedule, demolition and construction of all his Team’s bathroom remodeling projects.

Dan prepared for the CLC test by reading through the supplied study guides. This allowed him to hone in on what content he would need to study. With this information, he was able to digest and store needed information for the test and future use while attending the preparatory class.

George values each Team Cleary member who commits time and effort to ensure our clients are getting the very best in the industry. Dan feels that his certification will help him in his day-to-day work. “Being able to evaluate what areas I had a good knowledge in and what areas I needed to focus on allowed me to learn new things that I can apply to my current role as well as future roles within the company.”

Dan’s long-term goal is to obtain his NARI CRPM (Certified Remodeling Project Manager) accreditation within the next two years.

What is NARI Certification?

NARI certified professionals are those people who possess extensive technical and management skills. This adds to their skillsets in their fields and adds a higher level of competence. Clients want the professionals they hire to perform the needed work at the highest levels. These certifications assure clients that our Team members have met strict standards and are committed to their craft.

With over 1400 certified professionals holding nearly 1800 individual designations nationwide, NARI is a leader in certification of remodeling professionals. What does the certification mean to Dan? “The certification really shows a commitment to quality both in the production and management of the project. That commitment will take me far in this field.”

A Desire to Grow and Learn

At The Cleary Company, we feel strongly that learning and growth are important. Not just for the benefit of our Team members, but as a responsibility to provide our clients the best Remodel-Design-Build projects in Columbus Ohio. Our clients expect the best remodeling experience, with the best people working on their project. We challenge our Team to study for and receive certifications as a way to become more knowledgeable, grow within their career, and be the best in their remodeling craft. Not only do we value our employees continuing education, but also 80% of consumers would choose a remodeling professional who is certified over one who is not.

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