Right now is the perfect time to join the bath2BATH team! From Project Managers to Bathroom Carpenters, we are looking to add talented remodelers and craftspeople as new employees. Bathroom designs are ready, amazing projects are lined up and clients are eager to get started. Could your experience and skills be the right fit for our growing, gifted crew?

As a young company with just a few years under our belt, we are humbled by our continued growth in the Columbus area. We get to work with the best clients, our bath remodel results are stunning and rewarding, and we enjoy all the benefits of working as a division of the Cleary Company.

Pete Mossman has been a part of our team for over three years now. He’s proud of his work, and he’s a huge fan of the entire team. “While we are creating beautiful bathrooms, we also have fun and work hard to make it unique to the client,” Pete shares. “Once we get through all the hard stuff, we feel like a united team with the client! It’s a great feeling.”

Why work with us?

What seems to be the number one reason our people love working at bath2BATH? Because we care about them! There is a feeling of true respect and camaraderie flowing down from our parent company, the Cleary Company. We know we wouldn’t be where we are today without each team member, so we offer the competitive pay, benefits and support they deserve. Our leadership is always giving back to the communities we serve, we are true and honest with every client, and building lasting relationships is how we keep growing!

Join the bath2BATH team and help to create beautiful bathrooms

“The best part of my job is the people I work with and for,” says Dan Irwin, who decided to join the bath2BATH team two years ago. “This is a great company, and that makes it easy to come to work each day. What we do isn’t easy and comes with a particular set of challenges but having the people around you to help and watch out for you is the best part.”

From the sales team and design leads to the carpenters and project managers, our team members are some of the best in the industry. We hire those who demonstrate integrity, dependability, incredible talent and a passion for their work. We are clean, courteous and precise. Our work is high-quality and detailed, and our designs are stylish and personalized. And, we always have fun while we work!

The best results and reactions

Another great reason to work at bath2BATH? After all the hard work, you revel the most satisfying client reactions. “We have great clients and the best reactions are those that involve them being excited to show their new bathroom off to their friends, family and neighbors,” shares Dan. Pete adds, “It’s rare you will get so much commitment from other remodelers—bath2BATH wants to make fans for life. We sure do that best!”

If you are a skilled craftsperson and are ready to work for a great company in a high-standard environment, please check out our bath2BATH webpage and careers page to learn more today! To apply and to ask questions, send your cover letter and resumé to car[email protected].