Eric applies his civil engineering degree & commercial construction experience to his role at The Cleary Company.

Eric’s joined our Production Team in 2017 with 10 years of experience in the construction industry. His responsibilities as a Project Manager include overseeing the entirety of the production side of both residential and commercial construction projects. Including managing client relations, subcontractor relations, and overall client satisfaction. We asked him to share his background and experiences working with our Team. If you see a bit of yourself in his answers, could you be ready to work for The Cleary Company? Voted the best company culture in 2020! 

What type of schooling/trade apprenticeship helped build the skills you use today?

I have a civil engineering degree from the University of Kentucky. I’ve had several internships and work related experiences throughout my schooling. These include commercial construction, field work, and administrative work.

When you first joined The Cleary Company, what were your roles and responsibilities?

I was hired as a field carpenter. My responsibilities included general carpentry and maintaining daily logs on the Builder Trend online app. This is an app we use to fill out the daily schedule with photos and work completed, so clients and managers can view and see the progress. I helped the project manager as needed.

How has The Cleary Company supported your growth, both personally and professionally?

They have put me in situations where I can both succeed and be challenged by surrounding me with very talented people. Everything we do in remodeling is unique and different, but we have great resources to get us through those challenges. Whenever I have questions, I’ve been able to tap into our carpenters, or Rob, a Senior Project Manager, who have the knowledge or recommendations I need.

What challenges did you face in other positions that made you want to come to work for The Cleary Company?

At my other work places, I was surrounded by some people that did not necessarily care about the end result as much as The Cleary Company does. They seemed to lose sight of client satisfaction as well as the end product.

What do you believe is the hidden gem to working for The Cleary Company?

The culture! George does a great job instilling a great atmosphere to work in. He hires great people! It’s a great team to work around.

Just for Fun!

What do you enjoy the most about working for The Cleary Company?

I enjoy the fact that every job is different. We have different challenges with every project. But we all get to the finish line with very satisfied clients. It is satisfying to step back and look at the completed jobs with pride.

What is your funniest moment while working for The Cleary Company?

One of the funniest things, work related, that we got ourselves into was sending cabinets through a second story window. It was a very old house with winding stairs and the cabinet maker somewhat underestimated the geometry of the size of cabinets he built with regards to the winding stairs. We had to pull them up a ladder onto the roof and through the second story window.

What is your favorite part of your job?

Seeing the end result as well as jumping into a new project with different challenges and creating client satisfaction at the end of the project.

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