Remodeling, DIY projects, and general decluttering have one big thing in common—what to do with everything you’re removing from the home. When our Team at the Cleary Company remodels a home, the project ranges from a total redo of a big area in a home to just the remodel of one bathroom. We rely on our preferred vendor and friends at Frog Hauling, the largest mini dumpster rental and hauling service in the Columbus Metro area to provide us with the right sized container to help fit our needs for debris disposal.

When we see Frog Hauling dumpsters all over town, we know they’re also being used for your DIY and decluttering projects. It’s been a long spring and summer and many of us have realized cleaning up and decluttering is a good project to tackle while we’re home.

How the “Dumpster” Leads to Something New at Your Home

Decluttering is typically at the bottom of everyone’s list but clutter in our home or business can negatively impact our everyday routine. Decluttering is animportant way to practice self-care because it helps you take control of your home, your life and your “stuff” to improve your overall well-being.

Are you ready to tackle the closets, basement, garage, or whole house and get rid of junk and clutter? Or are you ready to remodel your home and make it work better for you? (We can help you with that!) However you choose to #LiveBetter, you might want to use Frog Hauling to help you easily and affordably remove what you don’t want.

Four Reasons to Use a Dumpster Rental to Declutter

1 – Tackle Larger Projects – Many homeowners find decluttering their homes to be a challenge if you have bigger items to throw away. By embracing dumpster rental from a trusted hauling company, you can focus on these large scale projects. Tossing outdated equipment and belongings that clutter your garage and shed won’t require additional logistics.

2 – Provides a Timeline – When you have a busy household and work obligations, you may delay seasonal cleaning projects. By scheduling a dumpster rental, you’ll create a timeline and have the motivation to complete your project. With the tools in place to toss, recycle, donate, and organize your home, getting started—and finishing—will be that much easier. 

3 – Easy Toss & Recycle – Based on your needs, you can rent various dumpster sizes. Talk to your hauling company and let them know if you have recyclables, glass bottles, roofing materials, yard debris, or other items that may not be suitable for the garbage dump. Your junk hauling company can help you create a dumpster system that’s sustainable while aligning with your needs. 

4 – Convenience – Best of all, dumpster rental makes decluttering simple and easy. You won’t have to worry about overfilled trash cans or finding an appropriate method to toss your unwanted junk. With plenty of space to get organized, seasonal home cleaning will be quick, seamless, and rewarding.

If you need reliable dumpster rental service to complete your home cleaning project, contact Frog Hauling. Based in Columbus, OH, homeowners throughout Franklin County have easy access to affordable, well-maintained, and convenient debris hauling services. To discuss your needs, call (614) 258-3764 to speak with a friendly member of their team. For more information on their offerings and commitment to providing eco-friendly options, visit their website

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George Cleary CR – Owner of The Cleary Company & Marty Reed – Frog Hauling