classic contemporary bath

If your bathroom hasn’t been updated since the last century, chances are it includes an outdated trend or two. While it’s always fun to be bold and experiment with the latest and greatest styles in home remodeling, sometimes the choices we make might not stand the test of time. If you need a fresh bathroom makeover and want the most timeless design possible, let bath2BATH’S Contemporary Classic style serve as your inspiration! 

Tried and true  

Do you dream of a renewed bath with a more streamlined, understated design? Sometimes the wow factor comes in the form of simple and abiding beauty. With classic lines, hues and textures, our Contemporary Classic design brings a new level of sophistication to your bathroom that will never go out of style.  

Enjoy a tranquil, refined space with subtly veined, deep toned quartz counters by Cambria and cappuccino finished cabinets in a time-honored Shaker style. Large format, porcelain tile offers the realistic look of marble without the maintenance or worry of staining or scratching. The refined tile and traditional beadboard provide a touch of elegance and welcoming vibe in any bath. Brushed nickel finishes by Kohler, with a touch of frosted glass, round out this reassuring modern design template. You simply can’t go wrong integrating this lasting Contemporary Classic bathroom look! 

Cultivated simplicity 

Our designers have taken great care to curate new bathroom styles that serve the dual purpose of functionality and personality. Although uncomplicated, there is nothing “Plain Jane” about bath2BATH’s Contemporary Classic design! Even the fixture and hardware options are made to last with durable, high-performing and corrosion-resistant, premium metal construction. Faucets, lighting and drawer pulls can be personalized through multiple color and finish options to truly make your bathroom, truly yours

Personalized from start to finish 

We have no doubt each client who designs a new bathroom using our Contemporary Classic template will create the look they absolutely crave. When you work alongside our design and installation teams, we guarantee a gorgeous bathroom personalized to your unique taste and installed in the highest-quality, most streamlined fashion by the best professionals in the industry.  

Our newly remodeled design showroom is now open at our headquarters in Columbus. Come visit us today and start to create the bath style you’ve been waiting for. Integrating our new Contemporary Classic design style is just one option for establishing the foundation of your next bathroom remodel! 

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