Welcome to Team Cleary Chuck Chettle! We couldn’t be more thrilled to have Chuck as our new Production Manager. He brings years of experience to our Remodel-Design-Build Team as well as an innate ability to work well with clients and support the construction of their projects. Originally he’s from Arlington, VA but Chuck spent the last 18+ years living and working in Pennsylvania before relocating to central Ohio.

Read on to learn more about Chuck and his experience in the home remodeling industry.

Q & A with Chuck Chettle

How did you get started in the remodeling/home improvement industry?

I landed my first construction job shortly after high school starting as a laborer. From there I moved into various management roles with several large manufacturing and home improvement companies. That path led to a 21-year career working for one of the legends in the home remodeling industry and eventually landed me my last position at Home Smart Industries, as Director of Operations.

When did you know you wanted a career in the remodeling/home improvement industry?

In 1985 after a light-duty stint working in my boss’s office, which exposed me to the management side of things, I knew this was the career for me.

What should you think about if you are considering a career in the remodeling/home improvement industry?

I think it is important to recognize that regardless of the satisfaction one gets from working with your hands and building something, at some point you need to grow into leadership for longevity in the industry.

What do you wish someone told you before you started working in the remodeling/home improvement industry?

Invest in yourself first. Learn all you can from working with more experienced people, even if it means making less money now. It will cost you hard work and sweat but the payoff will come as you grow into your career.

What type of education and/or experience did you acquire to help build the skills you use today?

All on-the-job experience. Through the combination of having a few years of wood shop, a grandfather who was a carpenter, and exposure to some top-notch craftsmen, I absorbed all the knowledge I could gain from others above me. I learned early on to pay attention to and listen to the older, more experienced guys.

Why do Remodeling Professionals choose to Work for The Cleary Company?

What challenges did you face in other positions that got you interested in the Production Manager opportunity at The Cleary Company?

Personally and primarily it was the distance from our family. From a business perspective, the company I had worked at for nearly the last 18 years had been purchased and was rapidly becoming a very different company to work for. The trend in the industry for a number of years is capital investment firms purchasing up smaller successful companies and forming these massive conglomerates. Unfortunately, serving clients had become more about numbers than people.

With your experience, what do you believe are the key skills you bring to The Cleary Company to help them grow their business and improve their clients’ home life?

While I have learned much about remodeling homes in the last 39 years, I believe my skills in managing people will help me add value to The Cleary Company. Trade knowledge will get you into the conversation but connecting with and building relationships with your team is what leads to lasting success.

Why did you want to work for The Cleary Company?

My first impression was that they are a company where they invest in their people. The job posting contained a detail about how George Cleary, the owner, liked to cook breakfast for his people and it reminded me of my former boss and his heart for serving those that worked for him.

What do you enjoy the most as the Production Manager for The Cleary Company?

The challenge of learning the design-build remodeling business. It’s very different than that from my experience in a fast-paced home improvement franchise business.

Just for Fun!

What do you believe is the hidden gem working for The Cleary Company?

Russell. Too easy? The fact is that it’s the people. They hire great people, and the work environment is as healthy as I have ever seen.

What is your funniest moment while working for The Cleary Company?

Nearly walking into the women’s room on day one! At least it was funny to me. Thankfully I stopped short of the door when it hit me.

Are you considering a career in the remodeling industry? Chuck’s thoughts might help you solidify your desire to work with your hands, help people, and work with us. Check out the Careers page on our website for available positions!